6 AI-Powered Apps and Subscriptions to Save You Time and Supercharge Your Life

Love ChatGPT? There are so many more AI apps to explore.

May 17

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TL;DR: Automation is adding new productivity potential to every industry. Discover how you can leverage these examples of the best AI-powered apps for your career or business. 

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last year, you've likely already learned a bit about ChatGPT and apps that came after it, like Microsoft's Copilot.

OpenAI dropped the free research preview of their super-smart chatbot in November of 2022, and within a month, people were already beginning to question if the
AI was sentient because of how shockingly human its answers seemed. 

With the API for ChatGPT released, major adaptations have changed the whole landscape of the internet—Wired went so far as to call it the AI Gold Rush. The inventions and services that have come out in this time are altogether quite impressive. 

More Exciting AI Apps and Tools

What are some AI apps that you could use to improve your day-to-day?

ChatGPT is just one of many promising and useful artificial intelligence tools. If you want to get a preview of everything you can do with some of the best AI-powered apps, we've got a few to check out.

And what better place to start than with, well, you know... 

ChatGPT can power your WordPress work

Whether you’re rocking a WordPress blog, a personal website, an online store, or something uniquely yours, the ChatGPT plugin for WordPress could be a major help.

Using the plugin is kind of like having your own little AI assistant who’s always ready to answer a question, throw together a new post, or help out a visitor. 

Got a post you want to write but just don’t have the time? ChatGPT can compose a draft for you based on your instructions. Of course, you definitely want to check it before publishing.

Got a question? Ask your AI buddy. Reserve your bandwidth for the times when you actually need to source something for your audience. You can also set up the plugin to be available on the front end for visitors who want quick, accurate, human-sounding answers to their questions.

If you want ChatGPT on your WordPress site, make sure to pick up a lifetime license to this plugin while it’s only $60. 

Make professional-sounding music in just a few clicks

For social media, marketing material, YouTube, or just for funsies, you'll find this AI song creation app seriously impressive.

Similar to other AI chatbot-style tools, you tell it what you want, and it quickly returns an output based on what you asked for.

And this thing truly delivers with professional-sounding tracks. Don't believe us? Go listen to the samples right now

A lifetime subscription to the Supermusic AI Pro Plan is on sale for $50, and, frankly, we think it's worth it for entertainment purposes alone.

This AI app turns your ideas into branding for your biz

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but creating something clever with this AI art tool doesn't take that many words or minutes.

From logos to full branding kits, Designs.ai has your back—no design skills are needed, making this one of the best AI-powered apps for small teams.

To get started, enter your company's info and select some logo preferences. Then let the AI do the work. You'll get hundreds of designs to choose from, plus customization options. Conveniently, everything's in print-ready format with high-resolution files that come in various dimensions.

You can see how your new logo will look on swag thanks to the merch mockups, and you'll even get access to a full branding kit that includes social media assets.

If you want to discover the perfect way to represent your brand, here’s your chance to get a Designs.ai Logomaker Premium Plan, rated 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, for only $10.

Find your next job with this AI-powered app

One of the most promising things about AI for apps is that it can help do things you really, really don’t wanna do. For example, it can help with applying for jobs, which typically requires lots of tedious, repetitive work.

If you’ve been dragging your feet in your search for a new role, let LazyApply take care of it for you. It doesn't have feet to drag, and it could help you find a job by making it easier to play the numbers game.

Whether you're a freelancer or full-time is more your thing, job hunting can be emotionally draining, especially if you're already unemployed or under-employed.

Instead of spending hours on every job board under the sun, try using LazyApply's AI tech to speed up the process. After entering your info, you'll be able to apply for thousands of jobs across LinkedIn, Indeed, and more with just a few clicks.

Want to avoid some of the taxing work of finding a job? Invest in a lifetime license to LazyApply, the AI-powered job application tool, on sale for $68. 

Copy that: This AI tool generates images, text, and more

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but that may also be true about creating content.

It can take a lot of work from a lot of people to write copy, create unique images, transcribe audio, and record voiceover—or you could streamline the process with the IdeaAize All-in-One AI Tool.

One of the best AI-powered apps, this AI content creation tool could help your team support customers better with AI chatbot assistants. It can generate code to help you work through projects more easily, and even write high-quality blog posts, social media copy, and more. 

IdeaAize makes executing a project simple by enabling you to choose a specific template—there are options for emails, blogs, advertisements, and more. Then you can enter customizing details, and then let it generate. 

Save some time and try an all-in-one AI creative suite. Get a lifetime subscription to IdeaAize:

Let AI pick your podcasts

Whether you're at the gym or at work, it's always a good time to explore your favorite fascination with a podcast. But how do you find new podcasts once you've burned through your backlog? 

Podurama is a podcast platform that's home to over 30 million shows and episodes, and that's not even the most interesting thing about it.

Podurama uses a unique AI chatbot to help you find podcasts. You can tell it a topic, a creator, or just describe the kind of thing you want to listen to, and you'll get back a list of recommendations. Of course, you can also use the standard search bar or check out categories like Business, Comedy, Fiction, Film, and True Crime. 

Like to listen to podcasts during your commute? Podurama is compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto. Don't worry if you're switching from phone to laptop. Podurama syncs across mobile, web, and desktop apps. 

Let AI take you on a deep dive into new podcasts curated to your interests. Find your next favorite podcast with a Podurama lifetime subscription for only $40. 

Ask this ChatGPT-alternative AI anything to keep learning

Let's circle back to the start of this conversation—the chatbot. An intriguing alternative to the all-too-well-known ChatGPT, the AskAI app is there to answer any question of yours it can. 

As it will tell you, AskAI was developed by Codeway, and while offering a similar chatbot service to some of the other best AI-powered apps out there, it has its own unique features. 

With an AskAI lifetime subscription, you can use tools like YouTube and Ask, which enables you to paste in a YouTube link and ask any question you want about it. You can also upload documents, articles, links, and web pages with specific questions, requests for summaries, and more. 

You can try out a limited version of AskAI for free, or sign up for the Pro Plan:

See How Artificial Intelligence Fits Into Your World

AI is primed to change and improve a lot of what we know today, both online and off.

Take advantage of the best AI-powered apps, which could help with everything from generating content on your website to landing your dream job.

Looking for something else? Even more exciting apps, tools, and courses await with this collection of tools designed to help you prepare for the future of AI.

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