This 8-Port Anker USB-C Hub Solves All Your Port Problems

A work-from-home solution for the modern professional.

Apr 1

TL;DR: The $150 8-port Anker 556 USB-C hub meets the modern needs of your WFH setup.

As early as 2015, the unassuming USB-C has been staking its claim as the go-to port type across all electronics. Why? It’s as simple as thickness when it comes to laptops. Computer manufacturers have been opting for consumer-friendly, thinner laptops and sacrificed the old USB 3.1 ports.

USB Type-C also offers a range of perks, like reversible plug orientation and bidirectional power, that define the technology. So, it's no surprise that USB-C is here to stay.

Thinner laptops have also left many of us without the connections we're used to for external monitors and other peripherals, as some devices have been stripped down to just one USB-C port. Solve that problem and keep things streamlined at your home office or workspace with a multi-port hub from a reliable brand, like this one by Anker.

Anker 556 USB-C Hub: Delivering 8 Ports in 1

Lucky for us, Type-C is backward compatible. This means that with the help of a solid adapter like the Anker 556 USB-C hub, you can have all the ports you need for a modern office setup.

You get a lot of variety with this highly regarded device, holding an impressive 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Anker. It gives you the following ports for your workspace in one sleek, portable hub:

  • USB-C
  • USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 port (10 Gbps)
  • USB-C PD-IN (up to 100W)
  • 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 ports
  • USB4 upstream port (connect to laptop)
  • HDMI (up to 8K@30Hz)
  • DisplayPort++ (up to 8K@30Hz)
  • Ethernet port

What Makes the Anker 556 USB-C Hub Unique?

Many professionals rely on a second monitor to get work done more efficiently. This Anker hub has a devoted DisplayPort that makes working with a second monitor through your laptop easy. 

While Wi-Fi networks are nearly everywhere, they can sometimes be spotty, down, or simply unavailable. The included Ethernet port allows you to hardwire to the internet so you can keep on moving through your day no matter the Wi-Fi status. This is a convenient feature for anyone who travels or works from home, even sporadically.

Since most of us use some sort of peripheral daily, the USB-C and two USB-A ports allow you to connect to yours. Whether headphones, speakers, mouse, keyboard, microphone (we're looking at you, podcasters and vloggers), or something else, this hub ensures it's easy to use the ones you need without any fuss.

In addition, the cable is 1.6 feet long, which makes it convenient for a desktop location and easy to move around to a spot that you like. It also has a super-fast transfer speed that supports up to 40Gbps. A really thoughtful feature is that it has passthrough charging, which is a fancy way of saying you can charge your laptop while using the hub.

If your computer could use a little more flexibility to elevate your day-to-day flow, this 8-port USB-C hub from Anker could help.

Upgrade Your Workstation with 40Gbps Transfer Speed, 100W Output & Pass-Through Charging

Anker 556 USB-C Hub (8-in-1, USB4)

Upgrade Your Workstation with 40Gbps Transfer Speed, 100W Output & Pass-Through Charging

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