Computer Vision & Deep Learning with OpenCV and Python: Build 15 Projects

12 Hours
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81 Lessons (12h)

  • Course Overview - Rendered
    01 Course Overview - Opencv4:51
    02 What You'll Need2:38
    Course Overview - Source File
  • Introduction to Python (Prerequisite)
    00. Intro To Course And Python9:57
    01. Variables19:19
    02. Type Conversion Examples10:06
    03. Operators28:54
    04. Collections8:24
    05. List Examples19:41
    06. Tuples Examples
    07. Dictionaries Examples14:26
    08. Ranges Examples8:32
    09. Conditionals6:43
    10. If Statement Examples21:32
    11. Loops29:42
    12. Functions17:01
    13. Parameters And Return Values Examples13:54
    14. Classes And Objects34:11
    15. Inheritance Examples17:29
    16. Static Members Examples11:05
    17. Summary And Outro4:08
    Source Code
  • Analyze Images with OpenCV
    01 Detect Edges In An Image8:19
    02 Detect Contours In An Image11:23
    03 Detect Corners In An Image9:37
    Analyze Images
  • Restore Images with Computational Photography
    01 Restore A Damaged Image18:57
    Computational Photography
  • Detect objects in images
    01 Detect Objects In An Image With Masking15:39
    04 Find Object In Image With Template Matching12:27
    03 Extract Foreground In An Image18:30
    02 Detect Faces In Images11:31
  • Machine learning and neural networks introduction
    01 What Is Machine Learning5:26
    02 What Is Deep Learning7:42
    03 What Is A Neural Network8:47
    04 What Is Ml-Agents5:16
    Source Files
  • Read text in an image with OCR and Tesseract
    01 Extract Text From An Image With Tesseract13:30
    02 Improve Accuracy With Thresholding8:10
    03 Change Perspective Of An Image With Foreign Text15:30
    04 Extract Foreign Language Text From An Image8:03
  • Build your first neural network with OpenCV
    01 Generate Data7:08
    02 Build An Artificial Neural Network9:16
    03 Visualize Model Results14:30
  • Object detection with OpenCV Deep Learning
    01 Load Yolo Dnn Model3:18
    02 Build A Neural Network With Opencv7:44
    03 Print Out Detected Objects6:44
    04 Outline Objects In The Original Image21:57
    Source Files
  • Outline objects in a video
    01 Outline Objects In A Video10:55
    03 Save New Frames As A Video5:04
    Outline objects in a video
    02 Draw Contours On Video16:30
  • Detect faces in video
    01 Load A Video From Drive7:39
    02 Detect Faces In Video10:31
    03 Detect Eyes In Video6:40
    04 Save New Frames As A Video7:40
    Detect faces in video
  • Track a color in videos
    01 Track Color In A Video20:06
    02 Save New Frames As A Video7:14
    Track a color in videos
  • Detect lanes for autonomous vehicle computer vision
    01 Load A Driving Dash Cam Video4:04
    02 Process Each Video Frame14:54
    03 Outline Lanes Detected12:21
    04 Save New Frames As A Video13:52
    Source Files
  • Build a motion alert video monitoring system
    01 Load A Video From Drive5:28
    02 Detect Objects In A Video With Contours10:05
    03 Detect When Motion Begins And Ends15:17
    04 Record Each Time Motion Begins16:35
    Source Files
  • Detect emotion in a video
    Detect Emotion In A Video12:11
    Source Files
  • Swap faces with machine learning
    01 Load Images From The Web Into Colab3:00
    02 Get Facial Landmarks From Image11:55
    03 Build A Matrix From Landmark Points10:08
    04 Draw A Mask Over Facial Landmarks7:07
    05 Build A Warped Mask4:09
    06 Combine Face Masks8:15
    Source Files

Build Real-Time Computer Vision Applications with 12 Hours of Content Python OpenCV & Deep Learning

Mammoth Interactive

Mammoth Interactive

4.2/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mammoth Interactive produces XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML 5, ad-games, and more. It's owned by top-rated instructor John Bura. Mammoth Interactive recently sold a game to Nickelodeon! John has been contracted by many different companies to provide game design, audio, programming, level design, and project management. To this day John has 40 commercial games that he has contributed to. Several of the games he has produced have risen to number 1 in Apple's app store. In his spare time, John likes to play ultimate Frisbee, cycle, and work out.


This course focuses on hands-on Computer Vision with OpenCV from scratch to real-time project development. Computer Vision is the hottest field in the era of Artificial Intelligence. It is making enormous advances in Self-driving cars, Robotics, Medical as well as in various image correction apps. And OpenCV-Python is an appropriate tool for fast prototyping of Computer Vision problems. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade in Computer Vision and Deep Learning and be able to develop real-time computer vision applications.

4.5/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 81 lectures & 12 hours of content 24/7
  • Refresh your knowledge on Python
  • Analyze images with OpenCV
  • Restore images with computation photography
  • Detect objects in images
  • Understand machine learning & neural networks
  • Read text in an image with OCR & Tesseract
  • Build your first neural network with OpenCV


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